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Our software system is something special

Nautical Boat Clubs began developing our software program in 1994, and we’ve spent almost two decades fine-tuning it according to our growing experience and expertise. Today, it’s a turnkey system unique within our industry and exclusive to our Boating Country Clubs®.

BoatUseStatistics 1000pixels Software Nautical Boat Clubs your boating franchise

Our proprietary club-management software gives you:

  • our “bulletproof” boat reservation system – handles any number of boat reservations, and has helped all of our clubs fulfill 97%+ of member reservation requests since the day they opened [we’re the only boat club with this capability! it’s one of the main reasons our members rate us as superior]; notes whether the member is in good standing and whether the reservation is within the terms of the member’s plan, as well as any outstanding balances;
  • automated member communications – sends reservation confirmations to members detailing reservation information and confirmation numbers; automatically generates monthly statements for members that can be either emailed or traditionally mailed;
  • tracking of current member activity & new member prospects – manages each member’s activity throughout their stay with your club; tracks all membership inquiries and offers a follow-up telephone feature; automatically calculates current-member upgrades and new-member enrollment totals; generates membership cards including photo;
  • boat-use inventory & maintenance tracking;
  • robust reporting capabilities – generates a whole host of management and statistical reports necessary to run a successful club;
  • myriad business forms, letters & other documents – provides all the paperwork you need to effectively manage your boat-club business, including our membership agreement, other legal agreements, various forms, useful letters, dock master reports and a membership newsletter; and
  • monthly royalty reports – automatically calculates and details your monthly royalties [5% of gross sales].

Our software system manages multiple club locations with ease, and is accessible with a high-speed Internet connection from home or any remote location. Additionally, it offers two different security levels – for management and for staff – and includes a Help program with simple, step-by-step instructions and illustrations to guide you or your crew through any task.


Used to its full potential, our software helps you execute our superior operations plan with simplicity and ease. Ultimately, it’s the key to why Nautical Boat Clubs members are so much happier than our competitors’.