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Grand Opening at Center Hill L...

Grand Opening at Center Hill Lake!

Grand Opening at Center Hill Lake!

The Nashville Boat Club located at Sligo Marina

20 Grand Opening at Center Hill Lake! Nautical Boat Clubs your boating franchise 171 Grand Opening at Center Hill Lake! Nautical Boat Clubs your boating franchise

NASHVILLE, TN – September 17, 2013 – The Nashville Boat Club starting its seventh season in Nashville on Percy Priest Lake and its fourth season on Old Hickory Lake in Hendersonville announces the grand opening of its Center Hill Lake location!

The official grand opening of the Nashville Boat Club at Center Hill Lake will be Saturday May 11th, 2013. We will be located at Sligo Marina in Smithville, about an hour east of the current Nashville location. We picked Sligo for many reasons but most of all the convenience. You can drive down and park right by the water, with no hills to climb. You walk right by the restaurant and restrooms on the way to our boats. The boats are parked right by the gas dock and restaurant, making it very quick to gas up and get your boat in.

Sligo is located in the most desirable part of the lake, near the center of the lake. Marinas closer to Nashville are near the dam and are not as desirable for water sports and all the many coves on Center Hill for anchoring. You would spend a lot of time driving your boat to the more desirable part of the lake. Sligo is about a 15 minute boat ride to the popular Hurricane Marina and restaurant.

Driving to Sligo you travel I 40 east to Lebanon, exit 239 and travel east on Highway 70 through the town of Smithville.