Nautical Boat Clubs are the top reviewed boat clubs in the nation. We have many recreational franchise opportunities. Find out how to start your own boating country club. The Nautical Boat Club recreational franchise offers the most comprehensive, best reviewed, boating country club in the industry. Find out what makes us so successful. Start your own boating business. Nautical Boat Clubs are the only true Boating Country Club. Superior support and opportunity set us apart.


Your Frequently Asked Questions – Answered

From reservation fulfillment to location selection, from timeline to bottom line, we’ve got the answers for the questions we get asked most often.

The #1 question we’re asked: How difficult is it for our boat club members to get a boat?

Not difficult at all! Nautical Boat Clubs have superior availability. Collectively, our clubs have fulfilled more than 70,000 boat-reservation requests, with every one of our boat clubs fulfilling over 97% of member reservation requests since the day they opened. We’re the only boat club with this capability – and it’s one of the main reasons our members rate us as superior!

What’s the difference between a Boating Country Club® business franchise and boat rental, boat leasing and boat timeshare businesses?

For their monthly dues payment, members of our Boating Country Clubs® have unlimited use of a wide variety of boats. Boat timeshares restrict the time and number of uses of their boats; boat leasing typically applies to only one boat; and boat rentals charge every time a boat is used. Additionally, we’re the only boat-club franchise that buys new boats for our fleets each year – so members always have fresh, shiny boats from which to choose!

What is the total investment to launch a Boating Country Club®?

Nautical Boat Clubs has an initial one-time franchise fee of $25,000: $5,000 upfront, with the remainder due upon approval of fleet financing and execution of a marina lease. Overall startup ranges from $291,900 to $531,500; if the boats are financed [as they usually are], then liquid capital startup requirements are $100,000-$200,000. Monthly royalties are 5% of gross sales.

What is the total timeline for launching a Boating Country Club®?

Typically, 3-4 months. Locating a suitable marina, negotiating a reasonable lease and financing the boat fleet take 60 days or more; training and setup take another 30-60 days.

What is the process for becoming a Nautical Boat Club franchisee?

Step 1: Initial Inquiry

  • Submit basic contact information
  • Set up initial telephone contact
  • Submit in-depth franchise application, confidentiality agreement and authorization

Step 2: Qualification

  • Initial conversations to review qualifications based on business experience and financial strength
  • We will spend time getting to know each other. We want to know who you are, what makes you successful and what you are looking to accomplish.  We will share with you who we are and what we are looking for.  This process may take several weeks.
  • If we find that our goals coincide, we will forward you our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

Step 3: Discovery Day Meeting

  • Discovery Day: tour club, meet the team, see firsthand what’s involved in operating our boat club system, and talk to one of our owners about his experience, as well as the dock master and club members.

Step 4: Legal

  • Discuss deal terms and review legal documents
  • Formalize and execute the Franchise Agreement; Payment of franchise fees

Step 5: Welcome & Club Opening

  • We help you select a suitable marina, and help you negotiate a reasonable lease.
  • We help you prepare a commercial loan package for your bank to secure fleet financing. We also advise you on the boats to include in your fleet.
  • We provide 2-4 weeks of training, so you learn and are comfortable with every element of our boat club system. You receive our comprehensive operations manual and our exclusive software program, and we teach you our club-management system, as well as how to orient new members about club rules and proper boat-handling procedures.
  • We give you guidance on setting up your new business, including: purchasing of fleet insurance, water toys, office computers and other equipment, and furniture; advertising and marketing; and hiring and training of a dock master.
  • We come to your club for your grand opening, to make sure all goes smoothly during your launch.


I looked at several boat clubs when making my decision, and it was obvious to me there was no other choice. The boats are new and immaculate. The reservation process literally takes less than 30 seconds, and boat availability has been 100% for me. I have always gotten exactly what I wanted, when I wanted it, every time.

Vincent A.

Can a Boating Country Club® work somewhere with only seasonal boating?

Yes. Nautical Boat Clubs are ideal for areas with a shorter boating season. Compare the boat payments, off-season storage, winterizing, etc., expenses boat owners face, and during the same period of time, club membership comes out with much less cost and much more convenience.

What is the term of the franchise agreement?

The initial term is for ten years, with the opportunity for renewal through two additional five-year terms.

Who decides my Boating Country Club®’s price structure?

You do. We’ll happily help you determine initial market-appropriate pricing of membership initiation fees and monthly dues.

Do I have to buy my boats, equipment and supplies from you?

No. But we can definitely help you negotiate favorable pricing from boat dealers and manufacturers, as well as other suppliers.

What sort of training and support can I expect from you?

We provide up to 30 days of training at our headquarters, onsite opening assistance and follow-up, our confidential operations manual, and advertising and marketing materials designed to produce hundreds of leads. Best of all, you gain access to our proprietary club-management software, which includes: our “bulletproof” reservations system; automated email communications; tracking of current member activity, new member prospects, and boat inventory and maintenance; robust reporting; and all the documents you’ll need to run your business, from legal agreements to member newsletters. Click here for in-depth information about our training, support and software system.