Nautical Boat Clubs are the top reviewed boat clubs in the nation. We have many recreational franchise opportunities. Find out how to start your own boating country club. The Nautical Boat Club recreational franchise offers the most comprehensive, best reviewed, boating country club in the industry. Find out what makes us so successful. Start your own boating business. Nautical Boat Clubs are the only true Boating Country Club. Superior support and opportunity set us apart.

About Us

Creating memories & opportunities for 20+ years


Launched more than two decades ago, Nautical Boat Clubs was one of the pioneers of the boat-club business. We bring our members the fun and adventure of the boating lifestyle without the expense and hassle of boat ownership – while bringing our owners opportunity and success as entrepreneurs living the waterside dream!

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Why join a club?

Our Boating Country Clubs® are a simple alternative to buying a boat. Previous boat owners and new boaters alike join our clubs to enjoy the fun and memories of being out on the water while avoiding the storage, hauling, cleaning and maintenance of owning a boat.

For about one-third the cost of purchasing a single boat, our members get unlimited use of a wide variety of boats – from ski boats to sailboats, pontoons to fishing boats – and the convenience of valet boating service: When they come to the club, their reserved top-notch boat is clean, gassed and loaded up with their requested water toys; they simply hop in, turn the key and go. When they’re done for the day, they just return to the club, dock the boat and head home. Monthly dues cover unlimited boat use, complimentary use of a variety of water toys, and reciprocal boating privileges at our other Boating Country Clubs® around the country. Members are responsible for replacing the gas they use.


Why start a franchise?

The staff has always been friendly and helpful. Last summer, a dockhand helped me take out a speedboat for the first time in choppy water. He guided me out of the dock area and into open water, then jumped off and swam back to the dock. Talk about service!”

Kelly R.

As the owner of a Nautical Boat Clubs franchise, not only are you the boss of your own successful business, but your business is also an enviable lifestyle – when you go to “the office” every day, you’re going to work [and play] on the water!

Once you decide to invest in a Boating Country Club®, we never stop investing in your success. We’re at your side throughout the preparatory phase, providing hands-on experience at an operating club, up to 30 days of individualized training, and on-site assistance as you launch your new business. You receive not only our comprehensive operations manual, but also our proprietary club-management software – and training for how you can use it to practically autopilot your daily business activities. Additionally, you get support from a terrific network of other club owners, ideas and insights from our annual conferences, and reciprocity among clubs.

Our business model has proven itself resistant to economic fluctuations. Not only do we offer a simple one-year commitment for members – vs. 10-15 years of payments for a purchased boat – but we’re also the only boat-club franchise that buys new boats for our fleets each year. This makes Nautical Boat Clubs prove extremely attractive to prospective members, and therefore, lucrative for franchise owners!